Drink Driving WA

Western Australian communities spent not less than $200 million in alcohol related fatal crashes each year. Higher hospital and rehabilitation cost in alcohol related accidents the Western Australian communities would be spending if there were people seriously injured.

The 2011 data of the police authorities would show that in the alcohol related fatal crashes, the drivers who were tested for alcohol were found to be with blood alcohol content (BAC) of equal or greater than 0.05 gram/ml. If the BAC is 0.05 g/ml or greater, it doubles the risk of being involved in a crash because alcohol intake impairs the ability to control a vehicle.

If one is caught driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol content of 0.05 or greater will be charged with drink driving. The penalties imposed for those arrested and charged with drink driving depends on the alcohol content they have in their blood. A person, who was apprehended for suspected drink driving, will be subjected to a breath analysis test to determine his blood alcohol content. This breath analysis test can be randomly implemented by the police authorities to the any road users. Drivers who are novice, learners and those driving heavy utility vehicles or those carrying dangerous goods are required to exhibit zero blood alcohol content.

The Road Traffic Act 1974 which governs the offence of drink driving was amended on August 1, 2012. The amendment toughened the provisions of the law in dealing with drink driving in Western Australia. It gives the Western Australian Police to immediately disqualify the driver’s license of the drink driving offender. Repeat offender will face tougher penalties in response to the increasing number of road accidents fatalities. It will also affect monetary fines and disqualifications for the first time offenders and to the subsequent offences.


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